About Us

At Alusid, we proudly make use of unwanted manufacturing materials that others discard. Taking these materials, we put them through an ingenious, environmentally low-impact process to give them a new lease of life.

The result is a special new material that combines recycled glass and porcelain, to create beautiful solid surfaces and tiles that are bespoke in character and respectful of the planet. We call that material SilicaStone.

All of our raw materials are sourced within 200 miles of our Preston studio, they come from both industry and from post consumer. Everything we make is always at least 98% recycled. 

Most of our customers have been architects and designers and until now we haven't been selling to the general public. But COVID-19 has given us the time to set up this shop and to catalogue some of the off cuts and materials we have collected from various projects over the last 4 years. 


We hope this will be a way to make the best use of our offcuts and reduce the amount of waste material we produce.